Help you recover quicker and with less long-term side effects and damage to your quality of health by helping enhance the adaptive response to the physiologic and emotional stress of conventional treatments.  It is best to treat early to help prevent chronic toxicity. 

Chemotherapy Side Effects -  acute nausea, fatigue and chronic fatigue, myelosuppression, numbness, digestive disturbance and a host of other side effects are amenable with natural medicine strategies including acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements and diet

Radiation Therapy  -  Ameliorating long-term consequences of a highly oxidative therapy.  For example, xerostomia (loss of saliva) has favorable research for its application in head and neck cancers. 

Surgery -  Pre and post-surgery protocols to get you back on your feet with less long-term complications

Post-Treatment Side Effects - The rigors of cancer treatment are best managed by being as physically healthy and strong as possible.  Helping to recover one's adaptive capacity and turn around the chronic problems that can be associated with cancer treatment is very very important for total well being, vitality and  and longevity.  

Tamoxifen and other estrogen receptor blocking drugs -  herbal strategies and acupuncture have favorable research to ameliorate hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety and insomnia without interfering with the drug. 

Immunologic therapies such as Herceptin can carry with them chronic toxicities and long-term damage that can be mitigated without interfering with treatment and can even enhance the effectiveness of the drug.  One example of this is combining olive oil with Herceptin to make the drug more effective.