Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Acupuncture Theory Applied To Cancer Treatment

The following article comes from Are Thoreson and his wife Annica Nygrena Thoreson. They are practicing Vetenarians in Sweden.

From a holistic viewpoint we may evaluate the Processes that control a cancerous tumour to be totally normal, even healthy. The normal thing for a cell is to grow and multiply. It is when this growth gets out of control that cancer may arise. This uncontrolled growth may be forced under control again with the help of acupuncture.

In holistic medicine it is most important to stimulate the body's controlling Processes. The idea is to "bring control" to the growth processes; otherwise they become uncontrolled, which is the basic problem with cancerous cells. If we stimulate the wrong Processes, we may aggravate the disorder by stimulating tumour growth. In my opinion, working via the Ko Cycle (Controlling) Cycle is the best way to stimulate the controlling Processes of the body.

Cancer treatment in practice.

First, we must make a Channel Diagnosis, either via Pulse Diagnosis, or by a pure observation of where the tumour has arisen. This is one case where the location of the lesion is very important to indicate the Channel that has lost its control. Let us take mammary cancer as an example. It manifests on ST Channel. We must particularly avoid stimulating ST Channel, but we should stimulate LV, the Ko Controlling Channel of ST. For this, we could use the Ting (Wood) Point (LV01), or Shu-Earth Point (LV03). We should stimulate only the Ko (Controlling) Father Channel, not the Ko (Controlling) Point of ST itself. During the period of treatment, we should stimulate no other Channel or Process. However, we may combine other therapies that stimulate LV.

I have tried this method throughout several years and several colleagues both in the USA and Australia have also, following my instructions, tried it. The results have been very encouraging. Between 80-90% of confirmed cancer cases have improved noticeably. The improvements included increased joy in living, better sleep, increased appetite and a glossier coat. 40-50% have been totally cured of the illness. Tumour(s) have, in such cases, vanished within a few weeks. Two examples:
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I concur . I have used the method outlined in this article with good success for cancer pain and effecting the tumor also.