Friday, December 08, 2006

Over Dosed America

I have heard the author of this book talk twice. He is brilliant

Dr. Abramson became aware that patient care was increasingly being compromised by the growing waste and commercialism in American medicine. By "researching the research," he found that the clinical studies presented in even the most respected medical journals were often biased by drug and medical device company sponsorship, and that the medical information available to even the most dedicated doctors often differed from what the scientific evidence really showed about the best way to take care of their patients.
He has the number of the medical industrial complex. It is up to everyone else, especially our politicians to listen. Even though he does not talk about cancer care his arguments are equally applicable to cancer research. Simply put: alternatives are not near as seriously considered because they do not have the same corporate sponsorship and profit behind them to create new standards of care.

To read excerpts from his book and see video of him speaking click here.