Monday, January 29, 2007

Cancer Death Rate Drama

From Ralph Moss
In the next few years, as these Baby Boomers enter their senior years, cancer incidence will also tend to increase. In about ten to fifteen years, the Baby Boomers will start to die of the diseases of old age, including, of course, cancer. The impact of such demographics will then be solidly felt on national mortality figures for cancer, as well as other diseases. Thus, unless something changes radically in the sphere of cancer treatment or prevention, we can expect that there will be a steady upturn in the overall cancer death statistics, coinciding with the aging of the Boomer generation, and that this will continue for a decade or longer.

The reality of rising cancer mortality figures in an aging population will hit us hard, and it is something for which our leaders appear unprepared, both intellectually and practically. It is likely to make all the current talk about the decline in cancer mortality, and the conquest of cancer, sound increasingly hollow.