Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anger update and the upcoming surgery

I had this exchange with the woman who runs  Her husband died of a Ewings Sarcoma.

Alex writes:  Right now I can only listen to a person who has lost a loved one prematurely. It may be all I will ever be able to do or anyone can do.  It is nearly unspeakable.  But I do know from my experience to allow a voice for grief and anger is a very powerful healing tool.  

She responds:  Anger can cause many medical problems.

Alex responds:  Only if it is held in.  

(I have been done a lot of preparation to get through my own anger and fear about my upcoming surgery.  In particular I credit my hypnotherapist, Lynda Mallerstein, with helping me.  Notice I wrote my hypnotherapist and not hypnotherapy.  Most of what she did was not hypnosis although that part was great too.  It was the anger and fear release process work that made the hypnosis work. )
On Tuesday June 29, I will have a vena cava filter placed so as to prevent blood clots.  On June 30th, in the morning I will have the sarcoma removed from my leg.  

It is my feeling and will that I will have 3 very important outcomes from the surgery:
  1. The tumor will be removed with clean margins.
  2. My blood vessels, nerves and muscles will all be left intact.
  3. I will be able to return to my life again cancer free and walking.