Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When To Eat Sugar

With a cancer diagnosis or those who are trying to prevent cancer or its reoccurence. Or those who want to maintain good health and lose wieght (Have I covered everybody yet?) it is important for health to not ingest artificial sweetners. This includes diabetics who will be very sensitive to sugars. This includes not drinking diet sodas. Why? Because Asparatame (Nutrasweet) is a neurotoxin.

Larry Frieders is a Pharmacist and a writer. This is what his newsletter says;
I've recently been made aware of a new use for this neurotoxin (A substance that is poisonous
to nerve tissue.) If you've got ants, sprinkle aspartame and they'll
For the whole story click on Larry's newsletter, called The Compounder

And the latest and best seller of the artificial sweetner Splenda is no better. Read the whole story here. The Lethal Science Of Splenda - A Poisonous Chlorocarbon., a trusted website in complimentary and alternative health has written numerous articles on the subject of the horrors of artificial sweetners. See his article called, The Not So Sweet Reality Behind Atrificial Sweetners.

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