Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Specific Prayer

 This is an exchange between a Facebook friend and I

Shawn Cox Alex, I will be praying for you, that you will experience amazing healing.

Alex Berks Thank you Shawn. Sometimes a sentence from someone (you! today right now) inspires me. Since I am at Cedars getting the premix for the chemo now I will right you an extended response.

I am entering this round of chemo. cancer free. It is really, as I see it, an insurance for any possible lingering aberrant cells. The prayer, to be specific, is for the cancer not to return which is different than for the cancer to recur. I feel strongly it will not recur. In other words I don't think my former cancer is going to grow again from the original tumor. As far as anybody can tell there is no cancer left. I feel good about the power and veracity of that statement. I helped kill this tumor once with affirmation, providence herbs and specific nutrition and I am not about to invite more cancer to grow at any subconcious level if I can help it.

After the surgery a dead tumor was removed with clean margins. So that seems to me pretty good rationale for the cancer not to recur. But one can never be sure so I am writing this from the infusion center. Is it the final round? Well... I think so my Oncologist doesn't. I will finish this round and then decide.

Specific prayer requests:

Since it is not known how I got this sarcoma there is a chance (I assume) that this could grow anew whether or not I do more chemo. So a prayer, or thought for the cancer to never return is very much appreciated.

Second, I would really enjoy that this chemotherapy I am currently doing be easy, effortless and effective all at the same time.

Third, prayers for a complete and speedy recovery to my leg are also greatly appreciated.

I feel so blessed to be the recipient of prayer like this.

Thank you

If you need a little starter on healing prayer here are some Jewish ones to help.