Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Improving Communications

There is a telling report about a meeting of cancer patients held to teach them how to improve communication with their health care providers. The conclusion the authors drew from this 1 day seminar:
Many participated in order to share their experiences with others rather than to be taught effective communication skills. Humor, spirituality, and the association between cancer and death were prevalent issues. click here for abstract
Alex's Reply:
Being able to share experience is important. It gives a person a feeling of being more alive, more connected to themselves and thereby others. When a person is able to express a truth within themselves the heart opens. Personal mythology - the story we tell about ourselves can enhance healing if we play it right. Or it can reinforce poor health with a story that promotes it. A patient of mine refers to this as the "organ recital". The worst is not expressing anything.

An Acupuncturist friend of mine has a signature on his email:
"Life is suffering, pain is optional"
Taking the human form causes suffering. How we deal with that suffering is what is most interesting. Isn't this at least part of the reason why we are so interested in other's stories?

If you want to share your story please feel free.