Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Managing Chemotherapy and Radiation

This WebMD article is standard bland information about how to manage chemotherapy side effects. I can provide more help than this. Part of my job is to bring the concept of evidence based targeted nutrition to the forefront. I feel this is about more than mitigating side-effects. Use of nutrients is also about personal empowerment and control. Consult with your Oncologist, before starting on a supplement program.

"...The role of glutamine as an adjuvant oncology treatment is very promising. The simple process of glutamine supplementation may help patients experience fewer side effects from therapy, including GI damage, mucositis, stomatitis, and neuromuscular pain..... "See the whole article: THE ROLE OF GLUTAMINE IN ONCOLOGY THERAPY

Glutamine is not just for cancer. It will help the gut heal from many conditions such as ulcers, autoimmune gut problems and burns. That is not all. Atheletes use it to releive sore muscles. For a broader overview of glutamine click here. This link goes to the Memorial Sloane Kettering website which has a good library of botanicals and supplements with research abstracts and footnotes.