Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why should you be interested in this woman?

Acupuncture, Coherent Energy and Liquid Crystalline Meridians

Mae-Wan Ho writes: "There can be no real progress in conventional healthcare unless this theory (of the physics of organisms) is taken seriously." This is a bold statement for anyone to make but this woman has the chops to do so. (See her credentials here. ) This lady has some powerful things to say.

Excerpt from a talk given to the British Acupuncture Society: Until quite recently, I have thought little about acupuncture. Instead, I have been involved, since 1985, in trying to understand living organisation from the perspective of contemporary physics, especially of non-equilibrium thermodynamics and quantum theory. At the same time, I was developing and using new experimental approaches to investigate organisms non-destructively, as they are living and developing. As a result, I have now come to an understanding of the organism that is beginning to connect with the meridian theory, and, I hope, in due course, with holistic health systems of all other cultures. I have outlined a tentative theory of the organism in the second edition of my book, The Rainbow and The Worm, The Physics of Organisms (Ho, 1998). Let me briefly describe it and then show how it may link up with the meridian theory. Read on.

In my 10 plus years in acupuncture I have never heard a scientific explanation of the meridian system like this one. My hats off to you, Dr. Ho. You are a pioneer.
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